Cherry Outfit!

Today was a busy day, only had time to water my flowers. No hybrids as of yet. So I’ll leave you with my favorite design I’ve made so far. 

For the other sleeve simply fill the cheery in black and the background in red and done! 

Hope you like it and hopefully I’ll post more on the weekend!

Til then,


The Harvest Festival

So today was the Harvest Festival! Outside the town hall the Mayor had set up a small feast. Unfortunately the events didn’t start til 3. So I had an hour to kill and decided to go see Olivia who seemed pretty pumped to attend.

Tortimer had me running around Town giving out knives and forks and there seemed to be rumors of a suspicious fellow hiding behind Vesta’s house… Tortimer seemed to be a bit too keen on eating… Oops! I meant finding this fellow.

Of course I found him first and he seemed pretty aware why Tortimer was so keen on inviting him to the feast and begged me to help by taking the knives and forks from him.

I discovered that he was so afraid of the knives and forks Tortimer had been handing out he traded them for Harvest Furniture. 

So after two hours of tantalizing turkey tracking I had my self a full collection of Harvest furniture. I decided re-decorate my living room with this new theme.

Can’t say I’m a fan of pink or purple for that matter but hey, I nearly gave that Turkey a heart attack with all the exchanging of knives and forks so I might as well put all this furniture to use!

Till next time,


The countdown begins… 

The countdown begins… 

Life’s simple pleasures…

Life’s simple pleasures…